Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last sail of 2012

For the first time this year, the rain joined us as we left Athens for the final flotilla of the year. Naias and Kalliopi joined Margarita for this all-Canadian departure and in true Greek weather style, the rain only stayed with us for one day until the beautiful September sun came back. In Hydra, Tony from Kalliopi and Brian from Margarita thrilled us all with their excellent musical talents playing the restaurant’s guitar. Tony we thoroughly enjoyed the Beatles medley, thank you for providing such ‘on the spot’ entertainment. Leaving Hydra, the meltemi winds were kind to us and allowed us to have an overnight anchorage on the south western tip of Milos and a fantastic BBQ of lamb, chicken and pork under the stars. Ios and Paros followed where we said goodbye to the crew of Kalliopi at wonderful Apollon restaurant. Heading back to Athens, Friday turned out to be the best sailing day of the flotilla and Naias and Margarita enjoyed hour after hour of wonderful winds taking us into Alimos marina for a spectacular sunset arrival to end the 2012 Mediterranean season.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A well-earned break in England

It’s been a hot, windy (and not so windy) fun start to the season and this year we decided to head to the UK for the summer break. With family and friends in England, it was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and also to meet with our website partners Webfuel from Nottingham. We’re really pleased that this year we have greeted many more British sailors who wanted to experience a more challenging flotilla into the Cyclades and a ‘see it all’ flotilla in Croatia. We hope to be back in the UK at one of the boat or travel shows soon and we look forward to sailing with many more British sailors in 2013! For now we hope that you enjoy looking through the 2012 pictures that we’ve uploaded onto the Poseidon Charters facebook page. We’d love to see more of your pictures if you’ve travelled with us this summer. We’ll be back with more Aegean Adventure stories from 15 September.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to Greece for a week

Bidding a sad farewell to Croatia for another year the Poseidon crew headed back to Greece for a late booking and an additional departure for us. In Athens we greeted two families from the UK and the States. With us aboard Margarita, was Granddad Len who was treating his teenage grandchildren to a holiday of a lifetime sailing the Greek isles. Aboard Polykandros from London UK were Mum and Dad Thompson and their teenage children and friends. After spending a night in Poros, we arrived to the harbour fun of Hydra, circling like vulchers for a good 2 hours to get a secure spot for Margarita and Polykandros! Med mooring and rafting is really unique in small Hydra and Polykandros was joined by lines from 10 other yachts by sunset. That evening the flotilla enjoyed a great happy hour (or two) over a few glasses of Pimms prepared by the UK gang and a wonderful dinner at Kristina and Manolas taverna. We spent two nights in Hydra then the flotilla headed to Kithnos and Kea before returning to Athens. It was a fun but all too brief sail - one-week flotillas fly by quickly so we really hope to see both of our families from England and the States back for a longer trip to Greece or Croatia next time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lots of wind, rain and sunshine

Since the start of the season in Croatia the heat had been intense with every weather report promising a change that never appeared! The change did arrive upon entering charming Sipan with the clouds becoming pretty ominous just before dinner. By the time we sat down at wonderful Kod Marka restaurant, the lightening had started and when drinks arrived so did the torrential downpour sending us all scurrying for cover from the bucket loads of water coming down from the darkened sky. After dinner the girls of the flotilla decided to have a girls night only cocktail evening - taking the dinghy back to the yacht in 25mph gusts of wind proved challenging but hilarious for those watching on shore and from the yachts! The Bora winds definitely kept us on our toes all night and the rain the next day gave us our first wet weather sailing day of the season. Arriving in Korcula the rain stopped and the sun smiled down on us once again giving the crews the chance to enjoy a wonderful evening people watching, exploring and shopping Korcula’s beautiful back streets.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good sailing, swimming and a stowaway!

With a change of crew aboard Rhapsody, we left Split to rendezvous with our flotilla yachts in the turquoise waters of Primosten. With a marked change in the weather we enjoyed a fantastic first day sail up to the Krka River, with the new Rhapsody crew from Australia, USA and Canada practicing their tacking skills every 5 mins up the river. The heavy winds arrived that evening and kept us in Skradin for two nights, a harsh contrast to the lack of wind on our last trip! While getting ready to leave Skradin for the Kornati islands, the Australian crew aboard Marijana reported over the VHF…”we have a stowaway on board” It transpired that the stowaway was a very scared tabby cat. Crusoe, as he’d been newly named had been hiding out on Marijana since Split and had taken a few days to appear. Unable to catch Crusoe to take him for a dinghy ride to shore, Crusoe decided that the safest place to hide was behind the stove. Bites of tuna and ham didn’t tempt him out from behind the stove, but a bit of peace and quiet in Vrulje did and upon our return from dinner at Robinson’s restaurant Crusoe had left Marijana to start a new life in the Kornati islands.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little wind and lots of heat

Leaving the island of Mljet we headed to ACI Marina Dubrovnik, the marina has a swimming pool, fantastic showers and Old Dubrovnik is only a short bus ride away. The wind by this point had pretty much vanished and with everyone feeling the intense heat a dip in the pool was a real delight. The next day, the crews took in the sites of Dubrovnik’s old town and the incredible view that a 2-hour walk around the walled city offers – since the war in the 1990’s, Dubrovnik has been in a constant state of repair and reminders of it’s recent turbulent history are evident making it a thought provoking excursion. Leaving Dubrovnik…Canadian Doctor Mitch now with the Stoll’s aboard Arkina for the day (Mitch we do like the fact you offer a ‘drop in’ surgery aboard all of the yachts!) we motored to Sipan. Little wind made it impossible to even get the flags to move on the shrouds so unfortunately there was no sailing but that evening we had a real treat at Konoba Kod Marka restaurant. Course after course of smoked tuna salad, octopus cakes and amber jack for those ordering fish - with the view of the yachts from the restaurant it made for a perfect evening. Approaching the end of this trip, we stopped in Korcula and Stari Grad, Hvar where we enjoyed a relaxing two nights in preparation for our return to Split. Covering over 400 miles and seeing the best of Croatia, we were thrilled we had such a great group of people with us on this very hot, light wind trip of 2012. It's been a real pleasure getting to know the crew aboard Anambra and all aboard Rhapsody from Canada and USA – Paul, Ella, Helen and Mitch thank you for all your help in the galley. Howard and crew board Maya and family Stoll aboard Arkina, it has been a true delight having so many fun 'Aussies' with us. Una we are thrilled you can now swim!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations in Croatia

Arriving in a hot and humid Split mid afternoon we were greeted by crews from Australia, Canada and the States. We were delighted to welcome back family Stoll from Australia and the Caffrey’s from Florida for their second trips with Poseidon. This first Croatian departure of 2012 had Rhapsody as the lead yacht and Arkina, Maya I and Anambra on flotilla with us so a great fun group of 23 people. The trip started with the first swim stop in the turquoise waters at Primosten and an incredible evening under the stars in fresh water at Skradin. Greeted by family of swans, we took a mooring buoy, tied to a tree on shore and cracked open the first bottle of champagne to celebrate Canada Day. Three days later we celebrated with more champagne for the 4 July Independence Day celebrations! It was a perfect start to the Croatian sailing season with crews having fun getting to know each other and swapping stories. Croatia was proving to be a big hit with everyone loving the first few stunning anchorages at quiet Vrulje, charming Vis, chique Hvar and enchanting Lastovo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WWII Messerschmitt free dive on Aegean Adventure cruise

Our new guests Glen and Tara from New York state stepped aboard Margarita and the rest of the flotilla returned from Santorini so our small flotilla left Ios on Monday for the island of Skhinousa in the Petit Cyclades. We’re always interested in exploring new islands and with a small flotilla this was the perfect opportunity. At rural Skhinousa, we stumbled across a spectacular restaurant called Sweet Deli. The crews were driven up to the restaurant by the locals…and treated to some of best Greek gastronomy we’ve found in 20 years in Greece. Delicious, saganaki cheese, rocket, greek and bean salads followed by fresh tuna, chicken rolled with sundried tomatoes or local calamari. Our main reason for heading into the Petit Cyclades was to hunt down a WWII plane wreck that we’d received reports had crashed off the coast of Iraklia. It took a bit of finding, with Andy from the UK trailed on a line behind Margarita but we got there and couldn’t believe how intact the Messerschmitt was at just 12 metres deep. Captain Steven Parry reported that inside the cockpit the controls of the plane were still intact after all this time. It was truly a fantastic swim stop for everyone and a place we hope to visit again soon. Thank you Andy for not only your keenness to help find the Messerschmitt, but for taking this incredible shot of Captain Steven free diving.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A fantastic start to the 2012 sailing season

Margarita and Naias arrived in beautiful sunny Hydra on Tuesday afternoon with crews from Toronto aboard Naias and guests aboard Margarita from Colorado USA, Shropshire, UK and Montreal, Canada. The evening started quietly with a lovely walk to view a stunning sunset from Kodylenia’s restaurant. As the southwesterly breeze picked up it was clear that the evening in Hydra harbour was not to end so quietly! Upon returning to the harbour, our yachts, although safe, needed to have fenders quickly adjusted! A bumpy night ensued but was made up for the next day with a spectacular Kleftiko overnight stop at Milos. Our guests from Colorado and Montreal ended their trip in Ios on Saturday and we were very sad to see them leave after 7 nights aboard. Eric thank you for being such a fantastic helpful crewmember – we still think that your turtle sightings are questionable but you do lay a perfect anchor chain! Poseidon Charters wishes you and Jessa all the very best for the birth of your first child and hope to have the 3 of you sailing with us in the future. Nathalie we look forward to seeing you in Montreal!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ahoy from Greece, Poseidon Charters is aboard the goodship Margarita and ready to start the 2012 sailing season. Greece has been very much on our minds and in the news in recent months and now we're here we're very happy to see that Athens Alimos marina is still the same and the yachts are proudly in the water waiting for you to arrive. We've been to the ATM's and can confirm that Euro funds are available to withdraw, Athens was quiet and the Greek locals are as wondeful as they have always been. Our first departure leaves Athens on 2 June and we're looking forward to greeting our first crews tomorrow.

Friday, May 4, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

We want to hear your sailing stories!

Listening to chill out music while gliding through the waves, drinking margaritas at sunset, working on a golden suntan and being gently rocked to sleep at night are all part of what a sailing experience is all about…However, sometimes things don’t always go quite to plan on a yacht! We’d love to read some of your more amusing sailing stories and down the line we’ll publish them on the website for others to enjoy. Find out more about how to submit your stories.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sailing cruises Greece and Croatia: big discounts for 2012

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