Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We had a lovely group last trip and were lucky enough to find a 15kg anchor and 60m of line plus land a 20kg tuna. We all ate sushi maki rolls, teryaki tuna steak - with soya, honey and garlic, and then tuna salad for 3 days!

Last week we saved a young English family from peril in Hydra harbour as their anchor chain got wrapped around a catamaran's prop in heavy winds. The Cat's skipper was panicking. Strong winds were coming down from the monastery. All ended well as a Poseidon Charters skipper boarded the charter vessel, ran the engine on stern lines to hold it off the pier, managed to get the anchor chain off the cat prop by loosening chain, then re-moored them on the other side of the harbour -to their great relief. A good example of why joining our flotilla is a gpood idea in foreign waters.

This trip we have 35 passengers on 6 yachts total. Our group aboard Margarita (our 65ft 'by the cabin' flotilla lead yacht) is great fun as are all 5 bareboats -privately chartered boats following.

We had a nice Pirate Night where 35 guests dressed up and sang a pirate boat song for each boat, ate dinner overlooking a tiny Greek harbour at sunset and then danced the 'pirate dance'.

The next day on the way to Milos, we hooked and landed a 12kg tuna. Since it was not hurt in the fight we released it back to Mother Nature. There are 2 flotilla boats with crews from New Brunswick, one boat from the US and 2 boats from BC.